Barista has been running for over 20 years now and our coffee, foods and service remain a top
favourite in the local area and beyond.

What makes us



We believe coffee making is a craft that requires passion and expertise. Our specially trained baristas will help, recommend and serve you the best of our passion in a cup. 


A rich tea menu of delicious flavours and combinations. All tea we serve is loose organic and freshly brewed and provides an optimum balance of rich ingredients.


Barista has an extensive menu of fresh foods and dishes. Our menu is creative and lists a variety of breakfast and lunch options.

Since 1999

About Barista

Barista will get you into all year round – all you need to do is bring your precious selves here, and we will take care of the rest. A favorite among the local community and visitors alike, we are the perfect spot to relax in the middle of London’s hustle and bustle.

Quality space

Situated just steps from the Finchley Road station and close to all local amenities, our cozy and contemporary space has an ambiance that is warm and welcoming to everyone.

Quality Time

Every customer we serve is special and comes back every day. They are the pillars that keep us moving in the right direction.

Quality Taste

We serve Allpress coffee from the perfect sweet, balanced and authentic Espresso Blend, their seasonal unique flavours of Coffee Galaxy, to the great aroma of the richly roasted Haus Decaf Blend.